Original Feature Screenplays

       written by Kirk Jarvis

        Available for option

LUV RODNEY  -  drama/suspense

Ricky Johnson is a talented singer/songwriter and high school senior. He plans on pursuing a career in music. Despite handily winning the statewide "Battle of the Bands" competition, Ricky's father, Randall, is not impressed. He insists that Ricky drop all this nonsense of playing music and attend the same Ivy League college that he did - do the sensible thing and obtain a businsess degree. Ricky defies his father's wishes, bypassesing his college exit, thus meeting up with his band members in NYC. Ricky stays true to his girl back home and his passion for music. And despite all the preaching, Ricky's father has been living a life full of deception to his wife and his life choices.

SOUL CHOICES  -  drama

Kyle Martin is a highly successful defense lawyer in Kansas City, Missouri. After the kidnap/murder of the eldest of his two young daugthers, Kyle leaves law practice moving with his wife Lorinda and their daughter Kimberly to the country. He fumbles about trying to manage the farm and operate the finicky farming equipment. Amidst their depression, Kyle and his wife Lorinda come to the aid of a troubled teen, Rodney, who they strongly feel has been falsly accused of the murder of a high school cheerleader. After a series of bizarre coincidences, Kyle is led face to face with a serial killer; the same evil man responsible for taking the life of his daughter, Terri-Lynn.

OPPOSITES ATTACK -  romantic comedy

Nick Callahan takes the art of acting seriously, however he doesn't seriously look for work. While he should be tracking down auditions, he and his St. Bernard, Hamlet, are likely at the horsetrack instead. And that's exactly where Nick runs into Rachel Parker -  a high-strung Wall Street go-getter. You'd think these two have nothing in common... we'll see, cause opposites attack!

FANTASY GIRL - drama/suspense

Three guys and three gals finishing up their college years and beyond, spend their summers at the Jersey Shore. It's not all fun in the sun as each of them sift through their personal issues and ponder what the real world has in store for them.

Science major Mark Gleason has "senior fever," that's what his loyal college sweetheart Melanie calls it - the desire for last minute hook-ups before graduating and settling into a committed relationship. Mark denies his wandering eyes, but that was prior to coming in contact with sexy and aggressive Hilary who apperars out of nowhere. Mark is in over his head as a one night fling was not what Hilary had in mind. Mark is charged with attempted murder as Melanie is discovered barely alive at the bottom of a ravine at a popular college hangout. While Melanie fights for her life in a coma, Mark fights to prove his innocence, learning that Hilary is far from being his Fantasy Girl.

THE SHORE - dramatic comedy in stage & screenplay format

LESSONS IN EXTREME  - sports drama

by Kirk Jarvis & Trond Fletcher

Utah native Jason Caruso is a handsome, charismatic and naturally gifted snowboard competitor. He has the potential to be the best in the world although his aspirations are hindered due to his inablilty to handle his "celebrity" status, substance abuse and lack of discipline. Jason's best friend Paul is also a competetive snowboarder. He gives his all but can rarely compete at Jason's level. Both have their eyes on the big prize - bragging rights at Alaska's "King of the Hill," contest. They have a decent shot, but they'll have to contend with arrogant celebrated French skier turned pro snowboarder, McCale Fresna.